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Leading Edgeware - how it started

Leading Edgeware - how it started

The idea to set up Leading Edgeware came about in 2013 through admiring how creative people can be. Some just have that natural ability to innovate. Some are quite artistic in their endeavours and some are outright creative and come up with amazing products.

Some products solve a problem and some are just the result of great form and function. So Leading Edgware is a curation of those interesting and creative products. Those products that have an 'edge'.

We're all creative in our own way as we are the chief designers of our own spaces - our desks at work, our car, our rooms, our houses. How these spaces present is a reflection of our own expression.  And, we're often on the look out for something unique, interesting and just that little bit different.

Supporting local and being environmentally aware is important so Leading Edgeware only sources from Australian businesses and artisans - mostly very small and we'll aim to be as eco friendly as possible.

We can do much better than duplicate the mass market and we can develop our own style and keep changing, moving, evolving and enjoying the change as we go.  We're asked to consume too much of a certain style and I believe we're all much more creative than this.

The range will often change so keep visiting!

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