Stay true to your edge

Leading Edgeware is an Australian owned business.  Our aim is to provide unique and different gifts and wares.  Where items may be 'mainstream' we buy the most unique and the best quality.  We're proud of the gifts and wares we have available and we aim for you to also be proud to use, or gift our items.

The range is always changing.  Keep visiting as you will always find something different at the Leading Edgeware site.  Whether it's the evolving product range, a new blog, and a new set of ideas,  there's something changing all the time.

The unique, different and on occasion, unusual item is what we are always on the look out for. Not only do these items make a thoughtful and heartfelt gift but they also express who we are.

Just as you carefully select every gift, so do Leading Edgeware.  Items that occupy our everyday space, and those heartfelt gifts are about who we are.  We're all unique, different and creative and it's great to put your own personal 'stamp' in your space.

We support Australian businesses and creative people.  There are so many great small businesses within Australia - some may import or make products themselves. We only source from Australian businesses, giving them support.

We also aim to be as eco friendly as we can. In sourcing products, we're very mindful of the environment.  A number of products are made from sustainable materials (see our bamboo range) and we have a number of products that are made with recycled/upcycled materials.

Utility ...  A lot of products have an immediate after use. Candle and Diffuser bottles make beautiful vases - a collection of various shapes & sizes makes interesting decor. 

Stay true to your edge ... our tagline, means to continue to find and go your own way.  Enjoy choosing items from the Leading Edgeware site - surround your space with items that express who you are. 

The team ... We're a small team however have formed valued partnerships with local suppliers (mostly small businesses). 

Shaun Summers started Leading Edgeware because of her interest and appreciation for those that are creative. There are so many creatives developing amazing products that curating these became a small business.


Leading Edgeware