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Hand carved Bamboo Ducks - Care for your Duck

Hand carved Bamboo Ducks - Care for your Duck

Bamboo is a hardwood and a grass. The root system of bamboo can be carved because it is strong and resilient. The grain is not necessarily plain as you can see with the hand carved bamboo ducks.  There can be a lot of grain variation and like most wood, there are knots, differing colours and uneven joints and changing texture.

The craft of hand carving bamboo wood dates back in Chinese history to the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). Bamboo roots vary in form, size and structure.  As the shape begins its basic structure (in our case, the form of a duck) varying colour changes in the wood are peeled away and revealed – thus making each duck unique.

These hand carved bamboo wood ducks are carved from sustainable wood. They are fine for inside or outside – they are extremely durable.  You will find each duck as its own personality; no two ducks are the same.

A unique, interesting and different (and lovely) addition to your home.

Care for your duck

Your duck may wear a little over time – it will take a while as the bamboo is quite robust.  Simply freshen up by nourishing the wood with a little linseed oil (if linseed oil is not available, any other oil will suffice).

Hand carved bamboo ducks are suitable anywhere - the front door (providing a lovely greeting for guests), the bathroom, a companion in the kitchen, standing tall beside the backyard pond, in the garden or amongst a selection of pot plants.

Hand carved bamboo ducks 



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