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The beauty of marble patterns

The beauty of marble patterns

Marble is a thing of beauty – so much so, that those beautiful lines and randomized patterns are often replicated in numerous art forms from paintings to ceramics. Those ‘lines’ are known as marble veins. When imitated onto other rich natural materials such as porcelain, that timeless design is again captured.

Leading Edgeware have a few porcelain pieces. Aesthetically, porcelain is stunning.  Adding a beautiful finish via a ‘slip’ or 'glaze' just adds to the richness of the material. 

Some products in the range of porcelain have a marbled glaze whilst others use a marbling effect in the 'slip' or 'glaze'.  

Marble glaze

Glaze is not a shade – glaze is to change the hue or to push the colour of the spectrum of the original colour. By using traditional ‘swirling/tilting’ techniques, to the colour in a clear gloss glaze, you can add a beautiful finish.

Just click on this link for the marbled porcelain coasters and serving platters.


marbled porcelain serving tray

Marble slip

A slip (or slurry) is a liquid mixture that decorates and protects the pottery (in this case, porcelain) piece. When the piece is fired, the decoration is revealed.

Just click here for the marbled porcelain canisters


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