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In awe of the creative

In awe of the creative

I'm in awe of the creative. In fact Leading Edgeware is a collection of products by creative people. Graffiti can be creative. It is arguably the most accessible form of visual art, as colourful murals and tags are an integral part of the urban landscape. Whether you think graffiti is fine art of one step above vandalism, there's no denying the skills and creativity involved. Probably the most prominent graffiti artist is #Banksy because he's unique. He's a famous pseudo-anonymous British artist whose works focus on topics such as politics, culture and ethics. He has a unique way of satirising the works of great masters while paying homage to their acclaimed pieces.

Banksy has an impressive ability to communicate his message in the grittiest of environments. His work is unique because he is doing it on walls and public spaces. His concepts are not necessarily original but the way he conveys them are. His skilful use of stencils and dark sense of humour make Banksy's work easy to recognise. His images appear unexpected in international locations like the wall that has been erected between Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. Why did he feature a cat in such a troubled location? Because more people are interested in cats on the internet than international issues.

Banksy's identity ranges from speculative to the unknown. Maybe it is a facade for an organised group of artists? Regardless Banksy's work is in demand; his unique and creative appeal has led to some people removing the walls that he has painted on. He has sold his work through galleries and auctions though he does so through an agent to protect his anonymity. Whether we find his work attractive, interesting or not, there's no doubt about the creativity. 

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