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Reuse, reduce, recycle

Reuse, reduce, recycle

We all do our best with respect to recycling - there are some innovative people who can take recycling to the next level. They utilise materials in such a creative way that we get extreme delight and enjoyment from the use of the product and feel good about the environment.

I feel we're all embracing "reuse, reduce, recycle". Recycling is all about finding a purpose in used up items and coming up with new and different products. The benefits are undeniable from saving resources to protecting the environment.

Some of the creative ways in which recycling has been used in the Leading Edgeware range is bags - made by big top and tent material; carafes, tumblers and platters made from discarded soapstone and the super popular bamboo range - plates, cups, bowls and stunning platters. These are created as follows; bamboo (even wasted bamboo) is turned into a powder, vegetable resin & vegetable dye added - then poured into a mould.

When products are utilised in such unique ways, we derive great joy. The bottom line is, when you can utilise recycled materials in a creative way, you are more like to use and enjoy their utility.

Thanks for reading. Shaun


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