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Mulberry bark paper – hand made gigantic paper flowers

Mulberry bark paper – hand made gigantic paper flowers

Eco friendly and made from sustainable bark, these are a beautiful addition to your home or an amazing gift. They are stunning as an individual flower or make an absolutely amazing unique bouquet.

Hand made paper flower crafted from the bark of the Mulberry tree. The paper is dense and tactile, the colours are achieved through crushed flower petals and vegetable dyes.

These flowers are absolutely magnificent. Each petal has a piece of very thin wire subtlety glued to the paper so you can easily adjust the petals and arrange the flower. It can be kept slightly closed adding interest or thoroughly opened/ bloomed to approximately 30cm in diameter.

Available in various rich colours and also with a diameter of 30 cm (large) or 50cm (extra large).

The Paper

The bark is soaked and pulped which is the old traditional way of how paper is made. The paper is made by hand in Northern Thailand under a sustainable government working programme which has been set up to encourage rural communities to produce during the non growing season.

In Thai, the paper is "saa” and isa persistently growing perennial regenerating itself after harvest. The bark is soaked and boiled with wood ash, then it is pounded into pulp.

Thicker grades of saa paper is made by rolling the pulp into balls for manual spreading onto a bamboo frame with a cotton screen. The paper forms naturally on the frames, which are placed in the sun to dry, before being peeled from the screens in sheets.

Due to it strength, versatility and longevity, over the centuries it has been used for many puposes including Buddhist scripts, temple decorations at festival times, umbrellas, fans and kite making.

It’s a beautiful medium to work with. Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

peach coloured saa paper flower


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