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Japanese Vintage Medicine Boxes

Japanese Vintage Medicine Boxes

There's a lady in Bowral, N.S.W. who collects all things Japanese. It's her passion. Now and again, she'll have a 'container opening' where we're invited to browse her latest gatherings. This is where the Japanese Medicine Boxes were found. Not very many of them were available and everyone was different.

They're authentic traditional Japanese Medicine Boxes.

They are very much a unique social record of time. It is unsure if they are over 100 years old therefore antique, or vintage. The boxes are made from wood or very solid cardboard with a drawer and metal handle.

Labels are on the front of the drawer with interesting calligraphy denoting the area from where they came. Some have leftover small packets as contents and some have handwritten records adhered to the side of the drawer. Stunning, unique and very interesting. Also a collectible.

In original condition and worn given their age, they are still very sturdy. Medicine Boxes were a feature of Japanese life up to and around the 1920s and considered a very important household item.

One would look perfect on a buffet or placed on a small table in a corner adding interest. They would also look fabulous as a stack.

Only one of its kind available. Dimensions approx 21cm (w) x 25cm (l) x 12 cm (high).



Stack of traditional Japanese Medicine Boxes



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