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The beauty of marble

The beauty of marble

All over the world, marble is recognised for its beauty.  Architecture and sculpture quite often use this material because of its beauty and the richness it offers. For the sculptor, marble is a fabulous medium. Marble allows light to enter and it is relatively easy to high polish, which results in a stunning finish. The fine grains of marble make it easier for the sculptor to add detail.

Marble has unique, natural properties and its elegance is unquestioned. With its characteristic lines (veins) predominantly in the lighter variants, there are many potential shades.

These ‘lines’ are part of what makes it stunning, to the extent that some patterns of porcelain and other materials seek to imitate the design of this natural beauty.

Aesthetically, marble is absolutely beautiful, extremely tactile and timeless.

These tactile, eco friendly, beautiful pieces are easily incorporated into your home adding an amazing depth to your own creative space. Available in black or white.

Marble pears - small, medium and large. They look stunning grouped together.

Luxury Candle- eco friendly soy candles available in a variety of beautiful fragrances  - housed in stunning marble reuseable pots

Diffuser– Two fragrances are available in this stunning diffuser holder - Sicilian Lemon and Jasmine and Oriental blossom


Marble Pears

Luxury Diffuser

Luxury candle in reusable marble pot


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