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The benefits of bath salts

The benefits of bath salts

Bath salts are a wonderful way to soothe tired limbs and rejuvenate. Great for after a work out, busy day, walking or standing just that little bit too much or even just to take some time out for yourself.  1 ½ cups in a warm bath is absolutely the perfect way to wind down.

The main ingredient is Epsom salts, which aren’t really ‘salt’ but magnesium sulphate which is a compound made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. It is completely different from table salt.  It gets its name form the town Epsom in England where it was originally discovered and the term ‘salt’ is used because of its structure.

These can also be used as a beauty treatment. Simply add ½ teaspoon to your cleansing cream and gentle massage for an exfoliant. It can also be added (again ½ - 1 teaspoon) to your hair conditioner and may help add a little volume to your hair.

Many of the benefits that are promoted appear to be anecdotal and unsupported by scientific studies (eg absorption of magnesium through the skin) however there is no doubt that nothing beats a warm, hot foot bath of salts or a long bath with a generous cup of salts added.  We should take better care of our feet and a foot bath with salts is a lovely way to start. A warm bath with salts definitely makes the skin feel smoother and it is unquestionably very relaxing. 

Perhaps the main benefits lie in looking after ourselves, relaxing, taking time out, treating the body with a little heat after working the muscles – all good for our soul.

Other ingredients added to magnesium sulphate in the range include Himalayan Rock Salt, Sea Salt, Celtic Salt, aromatherapy oils, rose petals and witchhazel lotion.


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