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A homage to the Samurai bushido

A homage to the Samurai bushido

Bushido is an ethical code by which the Samuari lived by. The list of virtues includes being frugal, righteous, courageous, respectful, sincere, honourable, loyal and exercise self control.   Bushido is not a religious belief system but an ethics code.

The Samurai were an elite military class of soliders and officials retailed by feudal lords (called daimyo). Shoguns (leaders) ruled between 1192 – 1868.

The word translates literally, to “way of the warrior”. The code continues to resonate in today’s Japanese culture

Samurai armour

There are various component to Samurai armour. The armour is flexible enabling the warrior to move more freely. The armoured skirt – called a kusazuri, shields the thighs, the shoulders are covered – right to the neck and the chest armour extends over the torso.

The helmut was usually relatively ornate. The mouthpiece is complete with a bristling moustache – designed to strike fear into the enemy!

 he Samurai are over course very much a part of Japan’s heritage. The Samurai Warrior doll honours the spirit of the Samurai on children’s day – we were able to acquire one doll – only one available, here’s the link.




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